The only exterior protection you need.

Super Paints Premium Emulsion

Super Paint Exterior Protection provides a high quality finish as well as a long lasting coating. This protects you from even the most harsh weather conditions for years to come. Forget about painting, repainting and filling in patches. With our product you can rest easy as soon as the first coat dries.

Regular paints cannot provide adept protection against ever changing weather conditions and are designed to be reapplied every few years however our product offers a long term solution to this problem.

We Hear You

Our formula was made with our customers in focus. Super Paints continues to listen to our loyal customers. Please free to contact us on any platform regarding your queries.

Compatible with all Colours

Super Paints can be combined with a vast variety of colours all designed to give your house a unique and long lasting finish. Whether it’s simple matte or vibrant colours we’ve got you covered.

Easy to Apply

Super Paints provides a very high quality formula which makes it very easy to apply. With regular paints you have to be very careful while using it so that the finish is even however our paint gives you room to be creative.

Make your house a home…

Why waste your time with low quality and expensive paints that will wear out in no time. Do the right thing for the place you love most and apply our Premium protection. 

Latest Addition to our line

Vinyl Emulsion is the latest addition to our family. It provides a glossy finish along with the ever present premium finish of all our other products.

Timeless Protection

Our Formula ensures you long term protection, forget about counting down the minutes.

Our Product Range

Here is a list of our products.

Exterior Emulsion

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Vinyl Emulsion

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Synthetic Enamel

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